Nero 5.5



Since I no longer use Nero, I uninstalled Nero on my PC and used my license key to install Nero 5.5 on my son’s PC. Now, whenever he tries to burn a compliation CD, Nero hangs at 2%. Any thoughts as to why?


need a lot more info on your sons systems hardware / software before you can be helped


My son’s system is an HP 6633C. It’s a Celeron 500 w/256MB of memory, a 20GB hard drive, the standard Write: 4x Rewrite: 2x
Read: 24x CD running XP Pro. Everything is standard except the extra memory and XP Pro. There is no other CD authoring software on the system. Need anything else?


what version are you running of nero 5.5 ? also what errors … first thing i would do is download version or to see if it does it then ? also any other burning software ?

well let us know …

also what is he using to burn ? I would use nero express cause alittle easiser an when you get an error it tells exactly …xp pro u have xp 1 installed or what ?

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IM me if you have probs or questions