Nero 5.5

Hi everyone, here is my problem.
I bought Nero 5.0, i upgraded it to 5.5. Now i dont know how to use it.
I dont know much about computers, so please be patent.
I have some movies downloaded on my harddrive, and would like to put them on a dvd disk, so i can watch them on my TV.
I did download Nero 7 trial, and got that working a little bit, and i managed to burn some movies, but the trial was up so i lost Nero 7, but with this one, i dont know what to do. can anyone explain to me in simple terms, how to do this? Can Nero 5.5 burn a movie to a dvd so i can play it on my dvd player, with out using another program to help Nero 5.5?
You see with Nero 7, you didnt need Dvd shrink, or no other program.
Thank-you and hope for help. :rolleyes:

Hello hema1 , I don’t know if you have recieved the help you wanted but I can probably help. You posted that you were using nero 5.5 . In that version you need to buy a seperate serial No# to burn dvds. Your best bet would be to download DVDFab Decrypter as well as dvdshrink (both are free). You use dvd fab decrypter to decode the css copy protection on the disc ,then use shrink to fit the movie in question to a dvd-5 . Next take the file you just created with shrink and put it back in to dvd fab decrypter by clicking the browse button on source file . Put a disc in the burner you have (DVD+R/DVD-R) whatever format your home player can handle .After you have set all the settings in dvd fab decrypter,click the start, it should show you a screen next asking you to select your dvd burn speed (I don’t recommend anything over 8x to ensure a clean and clear burn) .After you have done this it should just start burning the movie without creating anymore temp files on your hard drive. Hope this helps out, it was the only free solution I could think of at 1:30 in the morning . P.S. nero doesn’t decrypt the copy protections found on nearly all dvds but works great for non-encrypted discs and movies