Nero 5.5 Where is it?



on it says that NEro 5.5 will be out at the end of march… we are in the begining of april already… does anyone know what the delay is?


Apparently the delay has been extended till the end of this week, as they are trying to work out some bugs that some ppl discovered as they used the pre-release of Nero


Version 5503 can B downed here and sn here!!

:stuck_out_tongue: Happy Burning! :stuck_out_tongue:

(sn 4 zip=


CDRwarez exceded there daily download limit and most of the files have been frozen. You can read about it here



Nero Burning Rom v5.5.0.3 RETAIL FRENCH © ¿
³ SUPPLiER…: BS ³ GENRE…: Gravure ³
³ CRACKER…: BS ³ DATE…: 30-03-2001 ³
³ RiPPER…: - ³ NOTE…: [þþþþþþþþþþ] 10 /10 ³
³ PACKAGER…: BS ³ # DE DiSKS…: 23 x 2.88Mo ³

³ ³
³ =[þ]= LE LOGiCiEL =[þ]= ³
³ ³
³ Nero ,la reference en utilitaire de gravure . Effectue tous les types ³
³ de gravure : mp3,mpeg,audio,xa,etc… ³
³ ³
³ =[þ]= iNSTALL =[þ]= ³
³ ³
³ 1. Depacker les archives ³
³ 2. Installer le programme ³
³ 3. Utiliser le serial : **** ³

So, as u see, it’s out already, you just need to know the right fxp-forums :wink:


The final release from ahead software is v5.504, not v5.503.


Yep 5.503 definatly isnt final. For one thing it doesnt have the software for harddrive or partition back up. Its not included in the preview. And a valid 5.5 serial isnt necessary either, just install it over your previous 5x version.


The Final version is available at (ripped to 22 MB) and the iSO will follow shortly.


I just downloaded the 22 mb Rip, but it has been ripped too much !!!
The Manual and the help files are all missing. I can see leaving out the unimportant stuff, but those items are very important.
How big would this have been if the manual and help files were left in it? Surely still much smaller than the 180 mb iso file.
Can someone make a rip just like the 22 mb, but put back in the manual and help files?


I have yet to find a working link to the iso. and dividezero links do not work for the iso.

Why does have so many rediculously aggravating popups??? One or two simple popups once in awhile are tolerable, but damn, these things lockup your browser and spawn multiple popups from within each popup !!


Hi there,

DiViDe…unfortunaltely I’m still not able to download anyting from Nero 5504. Damn password protected FTP sites. I hope it is soon available again.

ThanX & CU,



The files are there and good. The only problem is that most of the clients i tried can’t access them. The only download manager that appears to be able to get them is Download Accelerator Plus. It does say that above the links, but i didnt take any notice either!!
Hope this helps


The reason for CDRSoft to add so many popups, is becuase N.B. has too make some money. He has too pay Golem (previous CDRSoft webmaster) to update the site…


I have the full ISO of Nero 5504, which includes all the updates released up to the current version 5524

The CD contains the following as well

NeroMix v1.2
Official Nero MP3 Encoder addon
Keygen for Nero5523, works for 5524 as well

The size is 445meg, and I only have a 56k modem, considering the spec of my PC(T/bird 1.33ghz/0.5gig crucial cas 2 pc133 memory/140 gig 7200 ATA 100 4 x HD’s/Elsa GF3 230/500.

I can only allow one connection @ a time for this iso, but it is on-line 24hrs per day, and I don’t have to pay any sponsers or other crap like that too keep my server up and running. Your Choice

FTP details
port 21
u/n nero
p/w iso