Nero 5.5 Wave Editor .PDF manual

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The CD-RW.ORG has online the .PDF manual of the Nero Wave Editor, which is a part of the recent Nero 5.5 package.

Download it here. It’s nice to…

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The file is on a non-resuming and very slow server which doesn’t even report the file size :frowning:

Downloaded no problem, 708K file @ 4.6K/S on a V90 connection :slight_smile:

slow?? 150 kb/s… done in 4 secs here

slow??? yeah right :stuck_out_tongue: Finished downloading: Elapsed: 0:00:02 (Ave. 354.2k/sec) hehe :slight_smile:

…If only the 14k4 modems would not exist anymore!.. :7

what??? right, to set the record straight… this is a 709kb file on a reasonable server.

708 kb in 1 sec … :slight_smile: not slow here!