Nero 5.5 -VS- 6.3 DVD burn quality?

Hi there… we’ll start with a basic overview of my situation:

NEC-2500A, with Herrie’s beta5 firmware. (bitsetting DVD+R to DVD-ROM, media hacks)
Maxell-branded 4x DVD+R (RicohJPNR01)
Lite-On DVD-ROM XJ-HD166S, with codeguys 12x firmware (shouldn’t matter, as my DVD+R discs are properly bit-set to DVD-ROM and the drive attempt to read them at 16X anyhow!)

now, my issue is that the read curve when checking my discs in Nero CD DVD Speed, I get much better results when using Nero 5.5, regardless of burn speed. Burning at 8X with 6.3 results in a disc that is readable, but the curve is very poor; burn at 8X with 5.5, and the curve is not perfect, but MUCH BETTER than the disc produced with 6.3; same situation with 4X burns; the 4X burn from 5.5 is almost a perfect read, but the 4X burn from 6.3 is quite inferior.

Is this a common situation? I searched, and read that code65536 had no problems with quality across different versions… any insight on this situation would be great!

I’ll also try to get some screencaps from DVDSpeed to show the different read curves that I get, but I’ve only a few more discs from this batch…


I have used an NEC, but own a Liteon drive. I can definately say there doesn’t seem to be any problems with 6.3 with my drive as far as the reading curve goes.

I’ve found that different versions of Nero have different default settings.

Have you tried comparing the two?

I’ve constantly upgraded my Nero versions and have had no problems. I have the perfect Nero settings at home and if you’d like I can send it to you. :bigsmile: