Nero 5.5 v LG GSA 4163B?

I seem to have trouble choosing my new GSA 4163 DVD Writer as the “recorder” in nero burning ROM or nero express. should i update something. device manager tells me that the drive is ok, not sure where else to look.

i doubt 5.5 even supports the 4163 update to nero 6

The GSA 4163 didn’t exist when Nero 5.5 was released. Maybe it’s time to update your burning software. Did you buy an OEM version or retail? If you have an OEM then look around for Nero 6.x.x.x OEM and then upgrade from the web. Check out this thread for info on Nero:

Great, thank you both. I knew i’d have to shell out so more cash!

The LG4163b should have come with the LG CD which has the bundled software, PowerDVD, PowerProducer Gold, NERO EXPRESS and “In CD” which Nero version is 6.x.x.x

Quite a few places sell OEM drives and they come with the drive only. What it should have come with and what it did come with are two different situations.