Nero 5.5 - SVCD'z (Mpeg Plugin)



:cool: Evening all, how z you all?!

Well, just a simple request here and its for Nero’s pluginz!
Do I need to Download these or is it all included and I just need to change the Serial number I use?!

Which is it my good freaks?!

If i need a Plugin for Super Video Compact Disc’s (SVCD) where can I get it?! Will I need or can I get plugin’z for other things too?!

Am I just tierd and asking too much that no one even knows what I’m going on about!?

Anywho, I hope someone got what I ment and can help!
Hmm, on the VCD thing, what are you all using out there that can make a small menu with your own pictures and text as well and isn’t limited i too many ways!

Thanks for your time all… night for now! :eek: