Nero 5.5 release & rumours

I just posted the article Nero 5.5 release & rumours.

Popie Jopie used our newssubmit to tell us that according to the Ahead website in April 2001 Nero 5.5 will be released… well I certainly hope so (seen the preview and I really like it!)…


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Nero.Burning.Rom.v5.5.FINAL.ISO Has Been Floating About For Days… GEMiNi:r

Yes Nero is already released. And in stores :slight_smile: 'Cause |NB| from had bought it so it’s out :slight_smile: :d

Well I managed to d/l 38 out of 39 files for the new Nero 5.5 final ISO from DivideZero. I still need one file ( so if someone can post me a URL to download this from, I will be very happy :4 GReeTs FroM ThE UK :7 I wish :5

Well I know it has been on the net since a couple of weeks but I’m talking about an official release here :slight_smile: has a picture that shows the final is

Just wait for the final version… Im not downloading every version thats 32megs…

and I can’t burn names longer than 8 digits with nero 5.5… :frowning:

hai die hai, nero5.5.0.4 cann’t retrieve the user instaled on WinXP Beta 2!!! so only the rip works fine on WinXP :c

If Ahead continues on this fashion, then we have to go for Roxio :r

LOL. I cant believe that, someone saying we’re gonna have to go for Roxio because Nero’s not doing a good enough job. Two things - Nero 5.5 is doing an amazing job for me every time (although overburning still is a bit of a pain in the ass with it). Secondly - it’s like getting fed up of your porsche and so saying your gonna have to go buy a clangy old tractor. Roxio sucks!

Seriously, I like WinOnCD more than Nero, simply because of the looks and the userfriendliness.

Hi majapro, You’ve said “Nero5.5.0.4 cann’t retrieve the user instaled on WinXP Beta 2!!!..” Wasn’t that version of nero still a beta-release? I can’t imagine Ahead saying Nero is/will be programmed for WinXP(!) - furthermore Nero wasn’t officialy released yet so you shouldn’t wonder if you get an unauthorized version from somewhere that won’t work properly! We all should give Nero a chance and not rate about it before it was really released - remember how long CeQuadrat is working on their versions of WinOnCD, and in my opinion WinOnCD still :r