Nero 5.5 problem

Hi, complete newbie and I am sorry.

When I open nero to burn an image (either .iso file or opening .cue file) and hitting “write” I get a window come up asking me where I want to save the image file - .nrg

After hitting save nero says that it is writing the cd to disk and states that the burn process has started but nothing gets burnt to disk. Nero tells me that the burn process has been successful but there is nothing on the disk.

Have I missed a configuration setting somewhere? I thought this was supposed to be easy???

you are burning using nero`s image burner, can you select your drive from the drop down menu?
if not then make sure your using version which is the latest one.

if that doesn`t work you can download the nero 6 30 day trial.

not realy, burning cds is easy burning dvds can be a nightmare. for a good tip see the quote in my sig :iagree: