Nero 5.5 Preview Problems

has anyone else found any probs with this version of Nero?:confused:

I have found that if you try to burn mp3’s to a cd with crossfade turned on, NERO 5.5 Preview will suffer from an Illegal Operation and shutdown.

I have also noticed that the approval of mpeg quality doesnt work as you drag over the titles, as previous versions have, and worse yet if u have installed InCD or Imagedrive, you’ll get an error msg that the mp3 plugin is missing and it wont work until you uninstall those extras and re-install the 5.5 preview version

Anyone know why?
And do we know when the final shall be released?


Some MP3 were approved by 5.5. After burning a CD some MP3 were not good.
With 5044 the wrong MP3 were descovered.
So I think the preview version has bugs. I will wait for the relaese version.

I had a few mp3 problems to, it wouldnt accept quite a few in a cd compliation i was making so i put back on and everything was fine.