Nero 5.5 or 6.6?



Well i was just wondering if i should revert back to nero 5.5. I recently upgraded it to 6.6 but all i hear is people bashing it. I have the old cd and i dont want to waste a tayo yuden dvd to test out if 6.6 works correctly. So should i stick with 6.6 or revert back to 5.5? thanks in advance.


You can use the simulate option to see if Nero 6 works for you. In my experience, i have not had any trouble.


well if 5.5 works 100% for you, no need to upgrade. You’ll end up on the slippery slope of chasing each and every upgrade, firmware update etc etc. If it ain’t broke, you don’t hav to fix it. :rolleyes:



6.0 was pretty painful
the late 6.3’s were getting there
6.6 was a step backward
The current 6.6 release is one I might switch from 6.3 to, if there are no howls of trouble in the next few days.

Having got a qualifying 5.5 Retail and a free 6.x upgrade, I could choose to go back to 5.5 - but I won’t. A very good move, actually, as I hate the “Express” interface, and would have been lumbered with it on my new drive - other than that, I was quite happy with the 5.5 (not express) bundled on my old drive.

It’s the usual story, even the 5.5.x steps were usually backwards, with the last 5.5.x.x being better than the next digit step (new features, new bugs).

I’d say that I haven’t really noticed the difference from 5.5 to 6.3 though, at least, not in the bits that I’ve used so far - other than for drive support, there isn’t much reason to upgrade from 5.5 to 6.


I’d like to use 5.X but it doesnt support my Pioneer 108 burner. Anyone know how to get Nero 5 to support recent burners?


must admit, don’t think you can. The whole point of upgrades is to get more supported burners. Though software makers think they’re allowed to put new features in too !. the cheek of it !!



Well I’ve got a NEC-3500 and a Benq DW-1620 had Sonic record now, which I can’t stand. I found an old copy of Nero 5.5.92 or something like that. I thought what the heck and installed it. Poo! It didn’t support my burners. But, I went to nero’s site and found the 5.5.10 upgrade and thought what the heck. Guess what? It worked! Now I can stick with my old trusty 5.5 (with no DL support, I don’t need it anyway)


yeah 5 rox…6 freezes and won’t let me burn anything, and nobody seems to know what’s wrong