Nero 5.5 multiple recorder / Disc at Once

I’m trying to use Nero 5.5 to burn 2 CDs simultaneously.

I’m using 2 Yamaha CRW2200E, with Nero
It works in ‘Track at Once’, but everytime I try in ‘Disc at Once’ or ‘Disc at once/96’, I get an error message for one of the recorder: “Write error” followed by “invalid writestate” and “could not perform end of disc at once”.

For the moment, I only did simulations, so I can’t check if both CDs are OK or not.

The burners are both Masters on Primary and Secondary IDE ports.
HDD is Master on Promise ATA66 Primary controller.

Using Windows 98SE.
DMA on or off doesn’t help.

What’s the problem ? :confused:

Originally posted by Adrb

What’s the problem ? :confused:

The Yammys, hehe. They don’t do simulation in Nero; and they’re on the ‘edge’ of DAO anyway. Best known for excellent TAO & SAO, and SD2 backups that work in the burner themselves. I reckon they’re not fully MMC compliant but their audio rippimg is outstanding, second only to Plextors. What are you trying to back up?

I don’t make backups, it is premastered CD’s with my own files, and I need to distribute these CDs.

I heard that CD made in TAO or SAO may not be compatible with all CD drives.

SAO is fine for pre mastered work - you have my assurance for what it’s worth. DAO is only needed for imaging a master. If you then SAO a RAW image - np

OK, Thanks

This is a know problem with Nero, I had it happen with plextor and nero. It is not just the yamaha’s fault. If you use track at once it work or use a older version of nero.