Nero 5.5 makes my cdrw damaged, but alcohol doesn't



When I burn a bunch of backup (usually more than 100 files into 1 cdrw) using nero 5.5 onto my ultraspeed CDRW disc, following a nero cdspeed scandisc analysis, they’ll always be bad and damaged sectors.

But when I use alcohol to burn an image onto the same ultaspeed disc, it would have less damaged sectors.

But surprisingly, when I used highspeed CDRW, both programs burn them perfectly, everytime. I’ve tried many brands of ultraspeed cdrw (verbatim, infodisc and CMC) and there’ll definetly be bad sectors. I’ve tried many brands of high speed cdrw( verbatim, acer and CMC) and they always work. CDrs are always problem and bad-sector free…

Is my samsung 482448 drive losing it’s ability to burn cdrws at 24x? Or is it something else? I’m using Windows ME.

Many thanks in advance.


I forgot to add that my nero is bundled with drive. I’ve tried using nero 6, but cdrs and cdrw burnt using nero 6 only work with my cdrw drive and not my ageing cdrom drive. But when I use the bundled 5.5, even my ancient cd player can read them