Nero 5.5 Forum?

Does anyone know of a Ahead Nero 5.5 “only” forum? Don’t get me wrong here, CDFreaks is awesome I am just looking for a forum dedicated to Nero since it is a very elaborate application. I would really like to get into indepth discussions on uses with other Nero users.

You’ve got a pretty impressive group of Nero “experts” right here. If you do a search here on Nero and other key words you will fine most, if not all, of the questions there are.

Just a question. Shouldn’t nero 5.5 warrant a “sub-forum” like Alcohol and CopytoCD? It would be very helpful to compile all of Nero questions and answer into one place in lieu of weeding through every burning software post. “Supposedly” Nero is one if not the largest Burning software applications on the market.

Just my humble opinion. :bigsmile:

this used to be the nero forum, I think it was changed due to the fact that nero is not the only burning software out there and the people who use other software would have questions as well.:slight_smile:

There used to be separate nero and easy cd forums but neither got enough traffic to warrant them remaining separate forums or sub-forums.