Nero 5.5 can't see DVD/RW drive

Having upgraded my Computer from Windows 98SE to Windows XP SP2 and changed some things including the CD drive to a DVD/R/W drive I reinstalled Nero Burning Rom 5.5.

I’ve installed the latest version but Nero Burning Rom can’t see the new DVD (which can also write CDs) writer, the only thing that can be selected is the image burner.

What’s puzzling is that I’ve used Nero ping, which can see the DVD writer. The drive DVD writer seems to work direct from the Windows folder to burn a CD but not from Nero, which I found OK to use with Windows 98.

Any help gratefully received as without it working I’ll just scrap Nero.


You’re trying to use a version of Nero that’s too old.
Latest ??? No way.
The latest is

Thanks for the reply. So will Version 6.* see the CD/DVDdrive then? Chris

Should do, but it’s not a free upgrade…

Check out the upgrade price, should be available from pretty well any current version, retail, OEM or bundle.

Or look for a cheap OEM Suite (Suite 1, without MPEG2 - DVD/SVCD encoding, can be VERY cheap, and should work with DVD writers, even though it is nominally the “CD Suite”).

Alternately, check out some freeware…