Nero 5.5 buzzing noise

:confused: When I try to burn a cdr with Nero version 5.5, the result is a ‘burn is
successful,’ message, but when the cdr is played, the result is a buzzing noise
without any of the intended music. *Yet, visually, all of the tracks and their
times appear to be correct, but the sound has not recorded properly. *

I have uninstalled the Nero software, then used the Nero clean tool/clean pack files, and then re-installed version 5.5, but the same buzzing noise results. While burning, all third party software is turned off in the taskbar as well as firewall and antivirus software. *I have also performed a defrag of the
computer, but all of these attempts to solve the problem have failed. *

By the way, I have tried the demo of Nero 6 and I don’t like it because it
doesn’t allow the user to choose pause time between the tracks, nor does it show a total time for all of the tracks. At least the demo I tried didn’t show this useful information. At the moment, I like Nero 5.5 better, but I can’t seem to get it to work properly. *

My computer specifications: windows xp (home edition), 266 pentium II,
192 mb of ram, one gb of free hard drive space, 64 bit santa cruz soundcard.

I would greatly appreciate any possible solutions to this problem. Thanks in advance for any help.