Nero 5.5 Burning issues

I’m running WinXP and i’ve recently encountered some issues while trying to burn data cd’s.
I was running Musicmatch, had IE6.0 running in the background and i was trying to burn 4 data files. The files burned okay (supposedly), when the cd ejected I tested it to make sure it burned successfully. It didn’t… the disk was not recognized. I then tried to burn again using the same CD and I get the following error message
Please insert valid CDR(W) media
I know that the CD is valid.
At this point I shut down Musicmatch, IE and Nero.
Restart nero only, try to burn the same 4 files on the exact same CD and it burns successfully.

Any idea’s why this would happen and what do I do to correct it ?

Thanks !

I’ve had similar problems with previous Nero versions, and funnily just now with Nero 5.5, I burn cd’s and they burn succesfully and then when I check there is nothing there. The remedy comes in for me though is when I restart, because then my cdrom and burner both read the burned cd’s again, you might wanna try that. I know it’s annoying, but somehow I don’t think it is Nero because I had it with previous version, I thought it was my cdrom but then my burner should read it. I have a Acer 40x CD/DVD player, and a PlexWriter 24x10x40A so… i’d be interested to know if you have similar hardware?

I have a TDK 24/10/40 …
That currently doubles as my cd player and burner

hmmm strange, did u try what i said? Did it work?
For me it did, otherwise i’m sorry, i can’t help any further in that case