Nero 5.5 bundled w/LDW-851S won't work

Hi, all…

I bought a Lite-On LDW-851S, which was bundled with Nero 5.5, from The drive itself works flawlessly with some other DVD recording software I have, but I needed to burn a specialized CD, and set up Nero 5.5.

The problem was that Nero wouldn’t see the drive - only the virtual recording device. After some checking, I discovered that the burner wasn’t officailly supported until a later Nero 5.5.x dot-release, so I downloaded that. Now it sees the drive, but says it wasn’t the one with which it was bundled.

So here’s my question - did Lite-On bundle the wrong version of the Nero with the drive, or did NewEgg pull some sort of switcheroo (either accidentally or on purpose) that has made my Nero install worthless?

It looks like my only options right now are to download and purchase an install serial number for Nero 6, but that sure seems silly given I received my copy legitimately - no pirating going on here. I just want to burn a CD, and had this notion Nero could do it for me.

Any suggestions? Or am I out of luck?


Did you get when you downloaded? I installed this to see if it would be a problem for me, but it had no trouble seeing my 851s or my 832s. Had no problem burning either.

I went back to V5.5 from 6 because V6 dont work too good. And mine came with my CD writer so it did not see the DVD writer anyway until I got the latest update, Now it says OEM version even though I entered the serial number that came with the Liteon cdwriter. I am so used to Nero since I have used it for 8 or so years that it is hard to go to anything else, only the 812 didn’t come with Nero even though all the other writers I have ever had did, they now bundle some crap like sonic record now. Dont go to V6 unless it came with your dvd writer… My burns show 1/2 as many errors with V5.5 as with V6…

The only problem with 5.5 is that it doesn’t support dual layer burning. I like it better than 6 except for that.

You might want to contact Nero support since it seems like the upgrade broke something.

Yes they have great support :slight_smile: They were trying to fix the program when my creative richo drive broke… Nero would abort near the end of the disk as the drive could not write there… :slight_smile: After a few weeks I found out any drive using those Philip’s motors had the same problems and had to tell them to stop fixing the program because it was the drive.

Hey anyone else would have blamed everything else and said it works for them and leave it at that.