Nero 5.5 available this week

I just posted the article Nero 5.5 available this week.

freakcd used our newssubmit to tell us that he received an email from the Nero-software development team:

Sorry for the delay, but Nero v5.5 should be available this week. We will try to post…

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FINALLY !!! :d

Sure… Blame us for Ahead being Behind schedule… :wink: -DiViDeZeRo-

and what does nero 5.5 have new?


I have Nero and the only thing I noticed is that it doesnt support burn-proof (or at least I havent seen anyu options enabled for it)… Does anyone know if it works or not?

Nero rules! :wink: Everyone else drools :r Clone CD for RAW read and write, but I think nero will add that feature in the next release. If not, it’s still the best all around burning software.

Soon on :g

Disregard that last post… I burned a successful CD today and it used Burn-proof… Get the version NOW!

Nero 5.5 is already available. E.g. at Computercollectief, Amsterdam.

Did anybody try creating a VCD with a menu?? I did, but my DVDplayer (Revoy) tells me it is a CD-DA, but my computer does not complain at all… Seems like Nero has to do some work… :4

Ever since the CloneCD key Generator Clone CD hasnt come out with any UPDATES? How is this from a site that bothered us with 100;s of bullshit updates and now that theres a keygen and no need for updates, there is no more?