Nero 5.5 and more accounts under WinXP


I Have Nero Burning Rom installed under WindowsXP with Admin Rights.

When I now log off, and login with a account with user rights, I Can’t burn any cd, I Can only select my Image Recorder, But not my Plextor.

In the Help file of Nero I See that normally at the installation Nero makes a Group with right for users, so after the installation you can make members give access to that group for access.
But I don’t have this group.

Does anybody know how I can make a group manually or how to fix this problem (Bug?).

Let me know,


I had the same problem with win2000. I created a Nero group with Admin rights to be able to burn under different accountsI installed Nero to doc&settings/allusers
Most of the times with NT if you put things under profiles, it worked. But now its different, you have to put it under Documents and settings/all users. Try that. Log off and see if you make it work that way.

I’ve tested that, But that doesn’t solve the problem.
I Think the users has no access to de CDRW.
Or is this maybe a ASPI Problem?