Nero 5.5 and EasyCD 4.05

Will these two burning programs get along if both are installed? I’m still using Windows 98 SE. I’m asking this because Nero once provided a utility for booting with Nero or EasyCD. I haven’t downloaded the utility. Nero site now no longer has it. So again, is there danger if both are installed. What about if both are running?

uhm…surely somebody here have used both software. I just need your opinion or experiences…
Another reason why I still wanna install Easy CD is because it can encode mp3 to audio cd on the fly. and I think Nero can’t.

They usually work well.
But they install drivers, so problems are possible. If there are problems, you can disable them.
I use Feurio CD-Writer -> Extras -> System Diagnosis, to disable dangerous drivers.
When I used EasyCD4, I disabled its driver and Nero’s driver and everything was fine.

Both programs can burn MP3 files to CD-DA on the fly, but there are better options like Feurio, which will show a warning if the MP3s are corrupted and has a better burning engine than EasyCD and Nero.

That combination should work fine. I have ECDC 5.3.5.x and Nero / Nero Express 5.5.10.x installed on one of my WinXP computers and on one of my Win98 computers, and this combination works fine.