Nero 5.5 and Disc Copy function

I am somewhat new to Nero. It came with a new burner when I built my new computer last summer, and I have not used it very much. When I try to copy discs (cd rom) it tells me the disc is copyrighted (yeah, I know this) and will not burn a copy. Is there some workaround for this, some way to shut it off, or do I need to investigate some other burning package? I used ECDC 4 with my old burner, never had anything like this.

You can update to Nero and use another serial number to go from demo to ultra version. Your version of nero should be SE(special edition) or something alike, and has limited funtionality, thats probably why it cant copy copyrighted discs.

I also have Nero Express 5.5. Did you mean youo can update from Nero or do you have to buy an upgrade package, I’m also having copyright problems. Also how do you use another serial number to go to ultra version