Nero 5.5.9 burning MP3 problem

Trying to create an audio cd from a disk of mp3’s. Now sometimes when I try to burn a track, although it recognises the track as an mp3, and it plays fine in mediaplayer, Nero will produce the message “Nero cannot read this file”. Like I said, its happened on a few disks now even tho Mediaplayer plays them fine…

whats could be the problem???::confused:

thx for any help!

Something in the MP3 structure is causing Nero to reject it. Nero can be picky if the MP3 doesn’t conform to it’s requirements.

More than likely, these problem files may be corrupted. You could try the freeware mp3Trim software which can clean and remove corrupted areas of MP3 files. :wink:

MP3 are not Red Book audio :wink:

Choose Data CD (not Audio CD) and it will be written as data (as it should) but recognised by MP3 players etc

thanks everybody. I need to burn these to wav format. will try the ‘cleaner’, thanks…any other suggestions are welcome.

Originally posted by welshman
thanks everybody. I need to burn these to wav format.
Try Fuerio! which will do a great conversion as well as ‘cleaning’ the during the conversion. It will log all the errors. d/l’d MP3 are notorius for bad bits :wink:

DiscJuggler is the best .wav - MP3/MP3 - .wav I have found yet (an’ it does other stuff as well!)

thanks a lot, will get on and look straight away :slight_smile: