Nero won't read my NEC 2510A

I got a copy of Nero to use with my new NEC 2510A but it(nero) won’t read my drive. All it reads is Image recorder - Virtual Device. Uninstalled the CD Extreme and EasyCD i used with my CD writer because i was told they sometimes conflict with it, but that didn’t work. Reinstalled Nero to no avail. I notice i am missing my help files. Might i have a bad install, or is there something i’m missing brain wise? Any help would be much appreciated. I’m miffed.

Your Nero version is too old and doens’t know a new drive like your NEC2510a.
You can try the latest 5.5 version : v5.5.10.56 (download from
If this one doesn’t know your drive either, you have to update to Nero v6.
Nero v6 is very sexy and has a ton of features, but some versions are a little buggy.

I’d recommand to stay with v5.5.10.56 if al your drives are supported by it.

Note : if you want to use the DL feature from your 2510, you have to upgrade to nero v6.0, because v5.5 can’t handle DL media.

Thanks pat. I updated to and have had fairly good luck. Had an error midstream copying a disc(said it couldn’t read the disc), and a few bugs here and there. I wonder if it will let me go to now that i have If not i’ll probably have to get Ultra 6 unless anybody knows of a better program that 2510 works with.

Again, thanks…

Now i’m making disc’s that can’t be copied. :sad:

Ripped a copy from the original using decrypter(ISO/Read), burn it to a disc just fine. Plays fine on my stand alone but when i go to copy the disc i made i can’t. Get’s about halfway through and i get an error. Try ripping the copied CD using decrypter and i get an error as well.

What error did you get from DVDDecrypter ?
Have you updated to the latest version of DVDDecrypter (=v3.2.3.0) ?