Nero resetting Windows 2000

Hi. I have Memorex FortyMaxx 1248J, now upgraded to Lite-On 48125W (with S6 firmware). The burning seems to be fine at 48X, etc. However, when I am encountering some serious problems with Nero Thus far, I had 5 resets when using this soft.
The computer (Windows 2000 Pro, with only Service pack 2) would just reset really fast…

First three ocurred when I was burning some Linux Isoz… The two occured when I used the Nero InfoTool with CD loaded. I am using Imation CDR rated at 40X. To fixed the problem, I tried disabled the onboard IDE, and plugging into my Promise Ultra100 Card. Keeps resetting. I also uninstalled the original Adaptec cd writing program.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  1. Set your machine to show blue screen messages instead of restarting. (system properties - advanced - startup and recovery)
  2. Uninstall InCD, it may be the culpret. My win2k system is totally unstable with InCD on it, whether I am using InCd or Nero at the time. Just having a disc in the drive is all it takes to cause a crash.
    C) What burning software was installed prior to Nero? If it was SleasyCD Creamator, (or anything else), be sure you have removed all traces of it, and DirectCD, from your files and registry. Un-installing alone is not sufficient.
    System instability due to Nero is extremely rare. Have a look at your event log and see if there’s any clues there.

How do I delete the adaptec stuff from registery and will me installing Nero when I have Clonecd here hurt… cause I need to bun some bin cu files

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