Nero Destination Drive Not Available?

Hi, OK ive just finished building my dream games machine. :-

Intel P4 3.0 Ghz 800 FSB CPU,
Asus P4P 800 Deluxe MB,
XFX GeForce 6800 GT 256 Mb GPU,
Maxtor 160 Gb SATA HD,
2 Gb RAM,
NEC 3500 Dual DVD Drive,

Well its not the best but its the best ive ever had

Im Running XP Pro and wish to back up my Games collection.
Later i will also do my DVD Film collection.

Before i degress further i have installed Nero and want to copy a CD. Easy Huh ! Well i heard its best to copy CD to HD First and then back to CD and as ive only one drive this is my only option at the moment. However Nero does not allow me to select my HD. The only opetion it gives in my Destination Drive Dialog box is “Image Recorder [CD - R/RW]” If i leave this option and proced with the simulation then all i get is an error Unrecoverable Read Error at message

Can anyone advise me regarding this please. Ok I know theres probabally better software but its too much to take onboard in one go so plese stick to the matter in hand and lets resolve this problem and let me become familure with this software before I decide if it can do what i need it to. Thanks in advance its just sometimes people can be Tooo Helpfull if you know what I mean and the next is no help at all :confused:

From experience, no Nero 5 series supports the NEC ND-3500A writer. The writer was not around when the software was coded, therefore the software cannot support the writer. I just received my ND-3500A and had to upgrade (reluctantly) from the final Nero 5 version ( to Nero 6 (

Try ungrading your version of Nero or use the software packaged with the drive (if any).

Thanks nemesys. Ive now got but still have problems.Basically i dont know what im doing. All i want to do is to backup my game CD’s But to begin with untill i learn a litte will settle for basic data burning or files or mp3’s to cd. Can you tell me how to go about this. ?