Nero Wont Multisession?

hey hey,

Having a small problemo with Nero here, it seems to refuse to start/continue a multisession CD :confused:

It just greys out all the options, defaulting on ‘No Multisession’, excactly like this screenie, doesnt even give me an option.

I have a LiteOn LTR-48126S and its running on Windows XP Pro SP1 (P4 1.5, 512mg DDR ram).

It works fine on my other burner, which is older and worse specced but wont work on this one… :confused:

Anyone have any ideas? :bow:

Multisession require Track-at-Once(TAO) writing method…

maybe Nero “don’t know” your writer has TAO writing method???

try update ASPI layer and re-install NERO…remember to delete all Nero’s registry entries…

how would I go about updating my ASPI? And where could I get a new version?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Argh!!! I figured out the problem.

it seems my CD Key didnt match up to my CD Writer (which it doesnt) and so it refuses to write to it :Z

Im on a Demo Version now and everythings working fine, gonna have ot go back to the shop and get my “supposedly bundled” CD…

thanks anyway :wink:

The nero version that comes with the writer is locked to the first writer chosen.

Leave ASPI out of it - the ahead wnapsi32.dll is fine

Multisession is indeed greyed out if DAO is selected (far right tab labelled “Burn”)