Nero + Nforce2 = NO GO

Hi all,
I’m having trouble burning with Nero since upgrading my mobo to an Nforce2 board.

Clean install WinXP SP1
Latest Nvidia Nforce2 drivers v2.0 (IDE version 307)
LiteOn 40125W (WS09)

The Nvidia IDE drivers version 307 detect all drives as SCSI devices. Perhaps that has something to do with my errors. Anyway, the LiteOn worked perfectly before replacing the mobo.

Anyone with an Nforce2 mobo experiencing these problems?


I do not think this is related to nForce2!
I had the same problem with my ABIT KT7-RAID, WINXP and liteon32x@40x and thought it was a problem with my burner… today I bought a 52x24x52x and had the same result.

So I made a clean install of XP, same thing again… tried the NERO version that came with the CD-burner but I always get the same error “communication failure”

Now I do not know what to do???

Please help…

Hi , my Nero works just fine with my Nforce2 but I’m not using the 307 IDE drivers. Are those the optional SW drivers that it ask if your sure you want to install ?

I just installed the new Nvidia 2.0 drivers and said no to the Nvidia Enhanced IDE drivers…all is fine :smiley:

Here’s my device manager…
NVIDIA NForce MCP 2 IDE Controller > NVIDIA 5/13/2002 Driver version 6.1.2600.0

Primary IDE Channel > Microsoft 7/1/2001 Driver version 5.1.2600.0

Secondary IDE Chanel > Microsoft 7/1/2001 Driver version 5.1.2600.0

If you installed the Nvidia Enhanced IDE Drivers , maybe you should un-install them cuz other peep’s have been having problems as well :rolleyes:

That was indeed the problem :slight_smile: Removing those dreaded SW drivers fixed all my burning issues and also fixed my slow boot time on WinXP :smiley:

Thanks for your help!