Nero has been released - Bug fixes, more drives support

I just posted the article Nero has been released - Bug fixes, more drives support.

DiONiX used our newssubmit to tell us that Ahead has released an update of their very populair burning software package Nero Burning ROM. The update seems to be mainly fixing some bugs and adding…

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I think it is nice that they continue to put out small fixes here and there. Better than Roxio with a once a year patch. I know I should never compare the two :slight_smile:

Man they are really stalling off Nero 5.6, I wonder if they have something big up their sleaves they’re waiting to perfect, then again, maybe not :stuck_out_tongue:

damn :frowning: ,they still keep their Nero 5.6 in secret… :r hope from 5.5.9.xx --> 5.6 is a big upgrade…

I just hope this fixes the bug with + media and the DRU500a. Don’t see it listed on the Ahead site yet, but I can only hope because my drive is arriving Monday.

If you have a bug NERO is always interested in having their customers report them. their site uses frames so it is hard to give you a link of the support form with the whole site framed but… here is the form link.

@ Del_Usion: CDRLabs have tested the Sony DRU500a with Nero and all 4 DVD formats. They don’t mention anything about problems in their review, so I think it is fixed. See here: