Nero not recognising my new cdrwriter?

Hello All,

I’m new here :slight_smile: I am using the mentioned version of nero above and have been happy with my previous setup. Which is Windows XP, Pioneer DVD-R 04 and a standard cd drive.

I have recently purchased a new cdr writer as my DVD writer can only burn at 16x and my new Sony CDWriter can burn at 52x. I have removed the old cd drive and replaced it with the sony drive no problems. I can read cdr’s play music fine etc.

Loaded up Nero and it is not listed under choose recorder tab? How do I get Nero recognise my new cdwriter? so that I may burn at lightning speeds? Thanks alot in advance


You will have to upgrade to Nero6 to use that burner, or install the software that came with the burner.

Hi There it was an OEM drive, so it came with no drivers. I’ll try upgrading to Nero 6 then.

If you want to burn just audio CDs then a free alternative is Burrrn ( which is quite handy.
If you’re wanting to do data or mp3 then an upgrade to Nero is necessary.