Nero telling lies - making coasters

Hi folks

I’m having terrible trouble with Nero under Windows 2000. I have installed the software, can run it, can even burn CDs. But the data being written to the CD is garbage! The cheeky Nero even says the burned CD verifies OK. But if you try to read the CD, you get the error “Incorrect function”. The image recorder is also producing faulty images (tried to load on in CDmage - it is corrupt).

It is not my burner, CloneCD works and can duplicate CDs no problem.

I have made a fresh install of Windows 2000, Nero is running by itself (apart from drivers, updates, IE6 and WinZip, it’s the only thing installed), still nothing. Tried DMA on, DMA off to no avail. Latest VIA drivers installed. All current updates for Windows 2000 (SP2).

Odd, isn’t it? Any ideas?

My machine:

AMD Athlon 1.4GHz T-bird
Abit KT7A mobo
256Mb PC133 CAS 2 RAM
45Gb IBM hard drive
40Gb Maxtor hard drive
Toshiba 16x DVD-ROM
Mitsumi CR4802TE 8r/4w/2rw burner
ATi Radeon 64Mb DDR VIVO
Creative Soundblaster Live 5.1 Player
Netgear 10/100 Ethernet
Windows 2000 SP2

OK, the bit about the image recorder is wrong - current version of CDmage cannot read the new Nero image format. Used Isobuster - parsed OK. Sorry for the confusion :o