Nero - dreaded 2 sec pause between CDA tracks

sorry in advance for the newbishness of this question.

im using Nero to burn a few FLAC files to a CD-r, destination format: CDA, in order to play them on ordinary CD players, but that darn 2 second pause doesnt seem to want to go away. i of course changed the pause length to 0 seconds under Track properties for all the tracks, but when i try to burn i get the “Nero has detected that the following audio properties are not supported by your recorder in the current write mode and need to be modified: (need to add 2-3 sec pause blah blah)” i tried TAO, DAO, and DAO/96, all of which gave me that warning. i know my recorder is capable of burning without the pauses as i have made CDAs from image files with NERO and from Real Audio files with RealOne, and they didnt have the additional pauses. i tried making an image file from the FLACs with Nero but it also wanted to add the pauses… GRRR!

any suggestions??

PS: for this operation i have to use NERO since its the only burning prog i have that has FLAC capabilities…

Don’t set the pause for the first track to zero.


cool - thanks man!

You’re welcome.