Nero 5.5.80 and DAO/96

Under Nero, it lists that my burner (Liteon 40X) supports TAO, DAO and DAO/96. Now when burning cds (vcd, data, audio, etc) should I always choose DAO/96? When would I choose the others?

Thanks for any help!

I burned a vcd from a bin/cue file using
-vcd worked fine, plays in my hardware vcd player
-vcd worked fine, plays in my hardware vcd player
-cdrwin cannot extract the burned cdr to image, it says track 1 is invalid

I guess i’m staying away from DAO/96!!

I have the same burner.
If I burn an image (Cuesheet and bin) with DAO/96, the cd is completely unreadable with Liteon and if I try to read that cd with my old HP8250i (9100i with firmware), I can see the files in that CD, but can’t read them.

I hate DAO96. =)

DAO/96 writes uncorrected subchannel data. Which you probably don’t need anyways.
I stay away from DAO/96 too… :slight_smile: