Nero 5.5.8 playlist problems

Well , I have been burning like crazy and now have come to the time where I want to print my playlists of. Now this problem would be very simple if a) I had a printer and b) I had printed the playlists off as I finished CDs .

I can use my bosses printer , but he only has word and he thinks installing anything on the work computer (other than work related stuff) is evil :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone advise me weither I can make Nero show what songs I burned without seaching for the .wav files that I have already deleted ?

I then want to be able to cpy them to word so I can print them of .

I am sure this is a basic setting , but I carn¡¦t seam to find it .

Thanks all

This seams like a EZ sort of problem comparred to some of the others , is it just not posible or something ?


Still no reply , :crys:

Track title information that you have already deleted is normally lost. You could look in the C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero\NeroHistory.log file and see if it contains any audio track information from previous burns. If so, you can copy the file to a different location, rename it using a TXT file extension and edit it until only the audio track information remains. The remaining text file can be printed in Word.

Going forward, you can make text files of the current playlist by following the procedure at How do I create a simple text file when “Printing to file”?.

The next time you create a playlist for burning in Nero, select File | Print | Text File. Don’t check “Print to file” and click OK. Browse to a path for saving the file, changing the file extension to TXT instead of PRN.

You will then have saved a text file of the current playlist which may be used on another computer to be printed in Word or any text reading program. :wink:

Thankyou so much man … You have answered everything that i was looking for , well so to speak :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome. :wink: