Hi guys if you didn't already know the official release of nero is out


So what the hell was all about then :confused:

:cool: :cool: :cool:


d/l it already

as for 81, maybe an internal beta that leaked out?!


Changes from Nero to

Features Added:
added several new recorders.
Added support for Video DVD documents to the Nero Wizard
Turn on DAO and Fixation for Mixed-Mode and CD-Extra on default
Added support dynamic changing of document type (UDF, ISO, UDF/ISO) during multisession
Added auto-expand folder during drag’n’drop to the folder tree of the file browser.
Implemented DVD+R multisession support. Provide Session Info for DVD media.
Some very rare CD-Extra copying crashed
Burning DVD UDF/ISO compilations without the Joliet option caused the volume name to get lost and set to “NEW”.
Prevent a crash of Nero when terminating in case a not readable DVD+RW media is loaded in a DVD+RW recorder
Fixed non-standard behaviour of compilation views for selecting and deselecting with combinations of shift, ctrl, arrows key, home, end, pgup, pgdn, mouse left click.
Fixed non-expanded folder of 1 character length in the folder tree of the file browser.
Fixed rarely occurring bug of wrong drag’n’drop source if you very quickly drag files from the file browser.
Fixed a problem caused by identical file extensions of UDF and UDF/ISO bridge Nero compilation types


already posted here:



So is all well with 5.582? Anyone experience any problems?


i have a problem


Have you tried fully remove the previous version before installing? (The install offers this option.) Is this a registered version of Nero?

I just upgraded from 5.580 without incident. (In fact Nero now seems quite a bit burn faster.) But this doesn’t mitigate your problem. A search on Google turned up other incidents of corrupted exe in Nero, but I didn’t see a fix.


The download may have gotten corrupted. Re-download and try again.


sometimes the install file is corrupted…sometimes its not!

i finally got it installed once and have yet to open it…

its non-registered…

Maybe cause i’m d/ling with download accelerator plus?


I would never use any download managers for critical files. As far as acceleration goes I’ve never seen any real testing that shows any speed gains. Most download managers just seem to be spyware vehicles. Some people have also reported corruption of files using Netscape 6 for downloads.