Nero includes Nero Express - Do some magic

I just posted the article Nero includes Nero Express - Do some magic.

This has been reported on our forum, but might be intresting for anyone that wants to take a look at the latest product of Ahead, the developers of Nero Burning Rom.

By giving a /w parameter…

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Well… It works! But I don’t really see any added functionality because of it, he he. Just a cool “thing” I guess! :slight_smile:

It does not work for me. I get the message: “cannot find the file …Neronero.exe/w”

you need a space… nero.exe" /w I can see how N.E. will really be a hit with the novices out there.

Wow, surprising! Thanks for the tip!

not bad. It is a smaller little program. And it does look like it will suit newbies just fine because it is very simple. I think I might use it next time I burn something though it isn’t immediately clear how to burn an image with this UI

Thats interesting… One time, I installed Nero Demo, and put in my serial and it always brought up Express. Am I the only one who has seen it before now? I reinstalled and it went back to normal. Isn’t Nero Express the reduced functionality version that’s cheap?

How do you toggle between the two versions ? Express will change into regular version but you can’t change back to express

Sure you can. “C:Program FilesAheadNeronero.exe” /w or find a prog called NeroRunner.

Hmm… I had Nero Express like a month ago but changed it back to normal.

Thankz, Strooperman, it works fine. Powel32 In my opinion you can still use the ‘standard’ version along with the éxpress version. You only need two shortcuts.

There is a utility called NeroRunner which loads a menu to allow you to choose between the original or the express versions. It will also let you set one version to default so you don’t have to keep choosing. And it is true that certain serials will load the Express by default.

burns about 2x slower in express

I just downloaded Nero Runner from here if anyone else wants it : GREAT app !! :wink:

They’ve done a good job with Nero Express. Hopefully with this new easier to use for newbie GUI Roxio is gonna have some real problems and might actually get around to paying some good programmers to making their software that much better and more reliable and less bloatware.