Nero and UltraPlex 40 max

Does anyone have a problem backing up from the ultramax scsi plextor with the latest nero.
Version 5.5.78 was fine. Version appears to read the table of contents incorrectly, I am using windows ME.

I experienced the same problem. It is definately a NERO problem. As you noted works great and so does How true this is I do not know but I read in another forum that this problem appears to be more common with VIA and SIS chipsets.


On another Forum I read that Ahead have admitted that the release of one of the main .dll’s is faulty - the one in is fine but that will not work properly with the newer build.

Here is the section . . .

(A few other customers have reported this issue, and it does indeed look like we have a problem with the CDROM.DLL file. If you copy the one from the older Nero over to the Nero directory for Nero, you will find that the size is reported properly, but then you get another error as that CDROM.DLL is only good for Nero

Our Engineers are working on this issue, and we hope to have it resolved ASAP).

They say they hope to have a fix sson - then :0