Nero problems with audio playback via stereo

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Well , i have just wasted 2 cds following the advice that i should convert to .wav .

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5.Convert the MP3s to WAVE and normalize them to burn faster.

I have burned one cd , using the same methode i have listed below but not converting to .wav . The only problem was that i had 2 second gaps in it (which i now know how to fix) and the cd took a long time to start playing and this was using a expensive sony mini system (my GFs) that is no more than 6 months old.

This is how is did it :

[i]Used CDEX to convert my MP3s to .wav
Started up Nero 5, which automatically went to the wizzard
Went CD --> Compile a new CD --> Audio CD --> Finish

I then found the .wav files that i had saved into a new folder in my documents . Dragged each .wav file into the audio1 window.

Made sure that “Check for correct CD format before burning” was ticked.

then : Edit --> properties “Pause” --> changed to 1 second

then : File --> write CD

Selected 12x
I then tryed to play it , and it just came up under track one (didn’t show how many tracks and mins, like it usually does) made a funny noise and then went back like it had no disk in it .

I thought that .wav was the format that you use to burn ?

I am using a LiteON 40125-S
Imation 700/80MIN 1x-16x
I also have a Old HP 2x2x24 cd burner hooked up as well.

[b]1) I noticed that my buffer seam to be close to 100 % all the time Is this ok , even writting at 12 X ?

  1. Whats the difference between letting nero go from .mp3 -> .cda than going from .mp3 -> .wav -> .cda

  2. Is there a Brand of CD writting software that will convert to the best format for cd writting from MP3 that is nice and easy and not a huge download ?

  3. Could someone tell me weither the methode i used to burn take MP3s and burn them to a CD was whats they would normally do with nero 5 ?
    I know i am doing something wrong as my stereo does play cd-rs, it just must be stuck in the wrong format or something.

  4. I found that this CD that wouldn’t play on my stereo, would play fine on my computer. Why is this ? Is this because nero might have not converted wave --> .cda ?

Please , someone HELP me

Thankyou all :slight_smile: