Nero and LTR-42125W



My retail version of Nero cannot recognise the 48x liteon unless I update to, yet the bundled version of will recognise it OK. Anybody else encountered this problem?


Not me. It’s working fine.


Not me. It’s working fine.

It would be helpful if you could clarify…just what is working fine.
What version Nero, what drive and what firmware?


I can not recall if I had my Liteon 40125S )O/Ced to 48125W with Nero…but I am pretty sure and it worked fine…If not then it was and worked like a charm…I upgraded to because it is new right ??) and my lead in/out times are worse in DAO burns

My Nero copy was an OEM version from my liteon 24102B and not hardware restricted


Yes, from what I’ve been able to discern, OEM version 5.5.x.x will work with the 48x firmware, but Retail will only work after
I found a copy and it’s working now. has a bug in Wave Editor that I’m trying to get around, and fixed it.


Hmm…it seems I should go back to as this probably is better than


Hmm…it seems I should go back to as this probably is better than

I’m not saying that. For me, there’s a bug in Wave Editor, only in It leaves full-sized temp files behind after editing the wave file, they keep building up and never go away until I manually delete them. Took me a while to figure out why my drive was aleays full! That’s the only problem that I have had with Others report bugs with 8.2, but none that affect me so far.