Nero write error

PlextWriter 12x10x32s fail write DAO ā€” 12x, OK until 8x.
OS: Win XP.

did you try to copy anything or just burn files from your computer

You need to put more info than that!!

P3 800/133 - 256Mb ram
Plextor 32x scsi
Plextwriter 121032 scsi
I have disinstalled old version, cleaning also keys on the registry and than I have installed new version: 12x DAO write error, drive not ready, 8x DAO write successful, why?
Iā€™m tried even possible thing, but only returned on version I found the old stability.

maybe thats my problem too.
With nero when i burn DAO it fails, but DAO/96 works.
never had this problem before, im using nero