Nero has been released

I just posted the article Nero has been released.

Hostile_17 used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of Nero has been released, increasing the version number to V

The version update page of Ahead has not been updated at…

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I :* Nero Too bad the Ahead servers already seem overloaded. None of the downloads seem to work. Oh well we’ll have to be patient…

the last entry of the history is for, published 03/10/01 - i bet, that the guys at ahead dont know what to write down because they seem to introduce more bugs than they fix :d

be careful, it doesn’t like my serial number from…

Maybe the serial number you are using is black listed and built into the program? Mine upgraded just fine. Even after the reboot. You might want to uninstall v5564 and do a fresh install and use your serial number. If it still doesn’t work, email tech support.

If you need to upgrade and forget your key (or need to enter a new one :wink: just use regedit. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.SOFTWARE.Ahead.Nero - Burning Rom.Info

I refuse to upgrade until I get a Version History. I never understand why it takes 3 days to get version history up after and update was released…

I am running an official copy of this great program, and when I updated from to, it refused too work properly, when I choose to burn it fails with a "Disk @ once msg, and displays the write speed". I have gone back too, and the problems have all gone away. Will send an e-mail too ahead regarding this problem. It might just be an issue with Plextor hardware :8

the change log now been updated on the main site - i emailed the webmaster and told them the mistake