Nero available for download

I just posted the article Nero available for download.

I read about an unofficial release of Nero 5.5.6. yesterday. At the time I tried to download it, the link was already dead.

Thanx to REDDREAD, on of our forum members we’ve got a new link to this…

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I installed it as an update over When I start Nero, I get the message I am using the demo version There is no option to change the serialnumber, and the crack for does not work for it either

Removed Nero (+ cleaned th registry) Did A full install of Nero and used the keygenerator for Nero That works

The link you got here is from N.B.'s CDRSoft site… I think you should also give him the credit for it…

I already have taken care about this link stealers … Have a NICE day … :r

Hahaha… Next time, if I where you Dee-ehn, I would check the download link before you post abouy it :wink:

Heheh LOL :smiley: Shame on you Dee-ehn! :wink:

Dee-ehn: I don’t see this leaked version as “warez” but more like beta software… If it was a registered version, then it would be a “warez” version…

I can remember a time not to long ago when CDRSoft would have both the software and the serial #. Most people think of CDRSoft as a CDR warez site. I know I will… either than or porn banner central.

Dividezero: Just a quick note, it wasn’t Dee-ehn who added that last bit. It was me. I found it amusing.

Porn banners? I don’t see any :d As a matter of fact, I don’t see any banners at all! :7

CDRSoft IS a CDR Warez site. But the v5.5.5.6 does not include a serial or crack, and therefore does not make it a warez file. 2 Nila: then the above msg goes for you as well… And about the porn banners, I hate them as well…

bitchy…scratch your eyes out…:+

I can only use the imagerecorder. That doesnt help/ I just want to burn quickly.