Nero 5.5 ( now available for download!

I just posted the article Nero 5.5 ( now available for download !.

The much anticipated Nero 5.5 has been released today ! The official build is Nero v5.5.1.8 and can be downloaded from Ahead’s FTP site.

Nero 5.5 should have been available for a long while, but…

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Still think nero is one of the best bruning prgs there is :slight_smile:

421 Too many users - please try again later. :4

I have installed Nero 5518.BIG DECEPTION :my plextor 161040 is not supported !!!:frowning:

The old version ne5048 worked fine with my Plextor 161040!!!:4:c:p

Hi all, since some of you have problems downloading Nero I thought it might be a good idea to upload it to my servers. As however :4 - if there is anybody who can’t download Nero or is interested in any older public version of it is welcome at my site Burner’s Archive - I GOT THEM ALL!

docalbert, my Plextor 161040 is supported by Nero IT’s up and running like a charm.

Maybe docalbert registered it with a ‘wrong’ serial… There are different serial # like the MP3, OEM and NORMAL version and besides that special serials for burners like the Plextor, Acer, etc. I’m pretty sure the 1610 is supported.

Thanks to all ! Problem solved.:g::r::d

Anyone having problems with this version of nero killing their hibernation function on windows 2k sp1?

key here ht tp:// Just scroll down, u’ll see, and d/l it… :9

To assist my fellow CdFreakers, Ive posted the New Nero on my ftp. Login : Anonymous :7

Fast mirror @ University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Did anyone try the Video menu option?? I did and my DVDplayer told me its a CDDA disc… :r

Nero works with the older keygens but the other functions are locked and says “Demo has Expired” Anyone get these to work?

is there anyone who can help me create a vcd playable on all dvd and vcd players…ive vcreated it thru nero but why i cant paly the avseq1.dat what does it means?

This is a news section not a help me page. Go onto the forum if you want help as this is a 7 year old news.