Nero will not recognise lg cd-rw

G’day from the Land Down Under.

I recently had to reformat my hard drive after internet troubles. When I went to reinstall Nero it loaded fine but will not recognise my LG cd-r/rw. Can anyone tell me where I can go to get the drivers I assume I am needing? I’ve tried both Nero website and the LG website. No satisfaction.
Any help would be appreciated.

Ampster :bow:

The version you’re using is rather old and could easily be too old to recognize your DVD burner. You should try to upgrade to the latest version of Nero. The latest version is Nero 6.3 but if you don’t want to use Nero 6 then you can first try to install the latest version of Nero 5.5, which is version You can download this version here from the Nero website. Good luck and welcome to the forum!