Nero released!

I just posted the article Nero released !.

No changelog yet…

But heeeeeeeeeeere it is!!

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the “old” mpeg2 plugin not working with this version !! :frowning:

Hey Crusy I d/l ed the mpeg2 patch. Where do extract it to? Nero Dir or Windows, or windows/system?

hey the ftp servers are realy sucks! It’s here 1am and none is online of nero!!! I’ll try tomorrow after fishing ADSL conexion.:7

Well, nero ftp servers are on holliday… :7

found a new MPEG2 plugin, said to work, but i do not use it so cannot test, it is certainly a differant length to the old one, how do i upload it to share. it has gone from the site i found it on

Please post mirrors. I have tried to download Nero but the servers suck, because they’re always busy :r

Downloaded this Nero version today at 32k/s :smiley: