Nero available ! *Updated*

I just posted the article Nero available ! Updated.

CestLaVie used our newssubmit to tell us that he has downloaded the latest version of Nero. Version is out now!

It’s not on the homepage yet, but you can already download it from…

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will it crash and give bsod’s once more??? or is it a better one… just to be safe, i’ll wait 4 sum comments so plz react ppl tia

Well, I never even got any BSOD’s… But then again, I don’t run crappy WinMe and I never upgrade my existing installation of Nero! Are people really in that much of a hurry that they don’t have the time to uninstall the existing version? Oh well, I guess three seconds is a lot of time for some! :wink:

Runs fine (as always) for me on Win2000… Installed straight over the top of the previous version.

Also installed it on my Win2k system without any problems

Crappy Win ME ? It’s only crappy ppl who have crappy version of Win ME

How many versions of ME are there? Does Nero do UDF packet writing like (eehemm) DirectCd?

No Packet writing for NERO you need InCD from same company you need NERO 4.x or higher and the “update” installs as full version.

Jippie :smiley: Unlike the previous v5.5.3.5 this new version works great for me on a WinME system… like I’m used to from Ahead. Me :* Nero Burning Rom

i don’t really understand what all the problem is with bsods with nero. i’ve upgraded from (the first i think) to to to (current), never had a blue screen. using winme, with so many stuff installed uninstalled loaded stuck in my harddrive etc. i have never gotten a blue screen with nero ever. if you’re starting to get bluescreens, i suggest you look at your other software. probably something else messing with your windows. maybe a copy of easycdcraptor.

I heard that the bsods appear when you upgrade from 5.0.x.x -> 5.5.x.x I used to update from 5 to 5,5, and got those bsods (thanks to burn proof it all went fine) so I’m still using 5.0.

Does anyone know if this version of Nero 5.5.x will read in the ID3 version 2.0 tags of MP3s? All the Nero 5.0.x versions read in the version 2.0 tags without any problems. However, every version of Nero 5.5.x that I’ve tryed will only read in ID3 version 1.1 tags and not read in version 2.0 tags. I wrote an email to Ahead and asked them like 2 months ago and still never got a response. If anyone knows why it won’t read in version 2.0 tags, and possibly how to enable it, please let me know. Thanks!

hmm… if you’re getting bsod’s ever since you upgraded from version 5.0 to 5.5, then uninstall 5.0 completely. then install 5.5. if this still doesnt help, format. hehe.

These bsod’s that are mentioned on this forum are probably caused by a driver conflict. Nero puts a driver called Nerocd95.vxd in folder c:windowssystemiosubsys (windows 9x/ME). On my system I can avoid the bsod problem by replacing the existing driver with an older version ( I use this version already since about 1.5 year, and it never gives me any problem. You can get the older driver from here: Usage: unzip, copy the driver Nerocd95.vxd to folder c:windowssystemiosubsys (replacing the older driver) and reboot your system.

thnx alot, I will try this later. First by totally uninstalling 5.0 and then installing 5.5. If I still get bsods I’ll replace that file :wink:

blah ! :r … i keep my good old 5.0.35 cause 5.5.x.x cant do the overburn thing for me :r :r :r :r :r

Bah! this version is shitty, its seems to have disabled burn proof on my plextor even when its ticked as active, out of 3 cd’s 2 had buffer underruns! Back to the previous version methinks.

Work very fine… this version has updated my old version 5.5.3.x… great. But I wait for the dvd support. :slight_smile: :4

With this version of Nero ( I can’t oveburn with my Yamaha 8424E. I’ll get back to :frowning:

Overburning is still possible! I got the msg "not enough capacity… you know what i mean and the cd was ejected but i simply inserted the disc again and then it asked if i wanna overburn :slight_smile: no problems with burnin 93 mins of data :7