I’ll be honest with you guys and galls, I’m really strapped this month and otherwise would buy the licence myself (honest)
…so is there any kind person out there who could tell me a valid licence name and number so I can use Nero for ever???:confused:

Thanx peeps

Wrong question too ask here, I would be more carefull in future. You are violating the rulez laid down by the moderators! Remember we are here to help each other out, but by asking stupid questions like that means you are using a trial version which is about to expire. The program is only £45 UK to buy. I purchased the original full version of windows Me from the States for £60, and got a full valid license for it.

So give a little thought into your next post.

GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK!

Hey…you can ask, but posting stuff (the answers) like that just isn’t allowed on this board.

What people do with PM we have no control over :wink:

Search at and you’ll find what you are looking for I am sure :wink:

Sorry I forgot to mention to use the PM instead, a simple mistake now rectified :slight_smile:

Soz peeps,
Didnt mean to step outside the law…
Just desperate for use of Nero, but short on cash at mo.


Check yer pm bro

GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK!:confused:

Sorry again, intercept, but being new to this, is ‘pm’ personal mail?
If so, where is it, and how do i get to it???

Just click on yer profile at the top of the screen and it will bring up any personal mail :smiley:

Take care bro, and happy burning:cool:

Thanx Intercept, and you too Wilma.
You have both been very helpful.
Cheers doods.