Nero burning problems!



Hey all,

I have a big problem with Nero lately, it just doen’t want to burn CDs. It starts the burn process, but hangs during the “Lead In” writing!

I have Plextor 10/12/32a IDE writer (with latest firmware 1.08) and Nero installed on my PC.

I tried to reinstall Nero and downgrade to 5.0.x.x version, but I still can not burn on CD-Rs neither CD-RWs.

I tried to install CDRWin and it succeed to burn.

Please help.

Thanks in advance…


Some suggestions.
(of course its very well possible you tried most of these things )

1 Check your busmaster driver, try to update it or try standard one
2 Change dma setting, if you have a second device on same ide controller as burner make sure it has the same dma setting as the burner
3 Uninstall software used by scanner, zipdrive, dvd, they are known to cause conflicts from time to time
4 Make sure all vxd’s used by previous burn progs are removed from the system\iosubs dir

Good luck with it