Nero released



Changes from to


After a successful burn, the main Nero window was not maximised if it was previously set to be maximised.
The calculation of the time needed to erase a CD-RW has been improved.
Corrections made to creating Video and SuperVideo CDs:
Pauses between differing tracks was being ignored when menus were used
Some players couldn’t properly forward/reverse between tracks
Menus were being encoded in PAL, even if NTSC was chosen
Problems starting Nero with the anti-virus package DrWeb have been fixed.
The burning of image files has been optimised. The time needed to generate relocation information has been significantly reduced.
The archive attribute is cleared when burning Multi-session CDs. This can only be turned off in the expert menu.
Improvements to the import and creation of freedb databases
The statusbar now supports 900MB (100 minutes)
USB2 now fully supported
Small GUI improvements

  Release date: May 31st, 2001


Thanks! I’ve added this to the CD Freaks frontpage :slight_smile:


But the server where you can download him is very slow!! Damm!! :frowning:


Originally posted by Fer2000
But the server where you can download him is very slow!! Damm!! :frowning:

Check the news reactions again. KNEEON has upped this Nero version to a different FTP for us to download :smiley:

Great work!


Downloaded at 38 KB/s from Ahead (just don’t use the first server)…no problems for me…and it works fine, installed it already :wink:


I’m also downloading it from a mirror site from Ahead but my speed is only 2.3Kb/s… Damn 56k dial-up connection :frowning: Thank god for Download Managers so I can resume every time I connect to the internet :slight_smile: