NERO 5.5.10.xx and LITE-ON 52246s

In CD-ROM (ISO) I can select only TRACK AT ONCE.

I have no problem with previous release than

My PC:

KG7-RAID, XP 2400+, 1Gb RAM, Win XP SP1

Which firmware version is your burner using?

I have try to flash with last 4 firmware and I have the same problem.

The problem has been introduced from version


(sorry for my BAD BAD english! :bow: )

Check the “Multisession” tab. It sounds like you have either “Start Multisession” or “Continue Multisession” selected. You must select “No Multisession” to enable DAO.

Nero upgrades have been known to change the default, so that someone who has always been using “No Multisession”, and thus has no reason to check it, is in fact using “Start Multisession” after the upgrade.